Nothing funny or interesting about any of this… boring salad ingredients…


…nuts… bottles of fruit juice… peppers… …celery… definitely nothing to laugh about here at all… might as well just delete this photograph and… WAIT A MINUTE! COMPUTER, ENHANCE DOOR 3 SHELF 3!


Back in the game.

July 16, 2012 in Promotional photography


  1. It’s no fun if they already come folded up for storage.

    In the next picture she’s reaching up for the schlag-creme and fumbling the pickup…

  2. Hang on…wait..what? There’s a door WITHIN a door? Or…whuh…what? Really?
    I’m confused. I can’t helping thinking it’s either an Inception type thing or a Daffy Duck House of the future thing. I’m going with the Daffy Duck option.

    Anyway, good to see you back, I’m going to go for a lie down now.

  3. heheh…toes… *drool*

  4. She’s left the fridge door open – AGAIN! And her feng shui consultant told her it belongs out on the patio.

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