Monday: PIZZA. Tuesday: PIZZA. Wednesday: PIZZA


Thursday I’ll just get a burger or something on my way home.

February 18, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. FINALLY! A freezer with a Hot & Fresh compartment!

  2. At the top – giant prawn or human leg?

  3. How much bottled water does one family need? Are they stocking up for the Apocalypse? If so, where’s the beer and ammo?

    Andrew B, the butcher swore it was a giant prawn. Why don’t you hassle him instead of me? I don’t know, you get on national TV nibbling on ladyfingers just once – OK, twice – and all of a sudden nobody leaves you alone any more.

  4. I’m not convinced. Would someone with that many unlabelled bottles of (what I assume to be) water really have an entire section for corn-dogs? Pizza and corn dogs, possible. Bottled (unlabelled) water and lobster, not very believable but possible, I suppose. Am guessing blue capped bottles are still, white capped are sparkling? Or maybe blue’s water and white’s bleach?
    Can only assume it’s a class-structure fridge with corn-dogs and pizza where Ronnie Corbett can reach them, and with the lobster only within reach of John Cleese. No idea where middle-class Ronnie Barker’s food would be kept.

  5. First post since July 2012. What’s happened? Must be procrastinating madly.

  6. Quite a bold move by Samsung. Acknowledging the existence of one-serving convenience food requiring zero refrigerated ingredients is a big step to take.

  7. Come on, nobody stores eggs like that.

  8. Pack in the veg, but give the pots of dairy product lots of room to move around. I’m not convinced by the door shelf full of cooked duck legs though.

  9. I do so love to see bottles of urine stored at the right temperature but they should be clearly LABELLED.

  10. Where are the toes? :(

  11. Friday – Full side of HorseyBeef

  12. Wow! Action! What’s next? A Sony PS4 announc,met takedown on UK:R?

  13. Ah you big cream puff you.

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