Diet tips of the stars revealed


Fizzy miso soup, for that satisfying blend of sweet and savoury and a comforting bloated tummy feeling.

May 31, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. I could do with a Golden Curry right now.

    It is quite hard to pull off a fridge as a centre-piece to a room.

  2. You made me pay for that massive fridge, and then you just put everything in the weird double layer doors!

  3. Let’s bring back good traditions. Would and would.

  4. “See, you can have normal food to show the police and fit five dead hookers in the back! Seven, if you’re ingenious.”

  5. “It’s in the door.”
    “Which door”
    “the inside door”
    “both doors are inside?”

    I can see this breaking up marriages right and left. Is there ordering information?

  6. this is amazing for my kitchen i will buy it for sure as i have loved it also

  7. this is my wedding gift as i liked it very much

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