“I’m a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Sarah, which one are you? You be the new Airbus, the A380. Not that I’m saying you’re fat or anything. Neeoooowww!”

An extract from Turbulence Ahead, an erotic novel set in the international product demonstration world.

January 6, 2014 in Promotional photography


  1. 2/10 on the object holding. It’s wrapped round her wrist rather than in her hand.

  2. Is the one in the blue or the one in black the ‘object’?

  3. Can’t find this book on Amazon. Link?

  4. Why is it that we’re supposed to care about the curves on the TVs again?

  5. So if I watch this picture on the TV will they look flat? Do the curves disappear!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  6. Not enough curves in my book, and when did holding somebody’s hand start counting as proper holding?

    The times we live in…

  7. I’m going to write the book. Or at least thieve the idea.

    • If I was sitting in an office with the next eight hours to kill like in the good old days, I’d have done at least 1200 words up there :(

  8. Is that the new model that has a longer right arm than left?

  9. I don’t understand this photograph at all

  10. Glad to see some of the old gang is still hanging around. Anyway, I think they should make curved batteries with funny names on them. And spelling and grammatical errors. Like from back when the internet was fun.

  11. Either you have not been posting, or I have not been noticing.

  12. Remember battery posts? Those were the days.

  13. Battery posts – all those painstakingly exact, well lit, mostly “amature”, photographs of everything from AAA to D and greater! – Ah, THOSE were the days allright !

    • I have got a very nice battery in my bits & bobs pot. One day.

      • You didn’t even bother posting my daughter’s toilet seat under “Things with faces”. (“Things with feces” comedy gold etc.)

        I’m going to write your name and number on the bit of wall over the stairs leading down to DVD’s at CEX on Rathbone.

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