“The secret to lifting is to bend your knees…”



March 18, 2014 in Promotional photography


  1. Would, would. In top of the unit.

  2. A worrying knee deficit here with only one visible from each, but made up for by those naughty elbows.

  3. Only just noticed the one on the right appears to have a list of features attached.
    She has a wide operational range, apparently.

  4. Still no HD for the Multi series?

  5. Ugliest fridge ever

  6. The one on the right has “Smart Oil Return” as a key feature and supports “Vapour Injection”.

    Every time I think this site has finally “peaked”, you come up with something like that.

  7. Oh, and:

    Would, Would, Would, Would, Would.

  8. Blasphemy! I am the “True Leader of 4th Generation!”

    And who drew the face on the Thing? Kudos to the marketing team behind “World Top Class Efficiency” – that’s gold.

  9. “Steel toe cap boots might be more appropriate, but those heels will have to do. Lift away, ladies. Coveralls? No, it will only restrict your flexibility. And that hemline should allow unrestricted movements in the knee.”

  10. There were 3 girls but the one on the right was hungry.

  11. VendingMachine

    What does the V stand for and why do i need more than one of them?

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