Guess the Function of the Thing


Simply connect the Digital Light Shade to the notifications centre of the LG Home mobile application* and you can remotely switch your home lighting ON or OFF** depending on the minute-by-minute ambient light needs of any room.

* Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile data connection required.
** Feature only available with compatible LG SuperFilament III bulbs***.
*** Sold separately.

September 15, 2014 in Promotional photography


  1. This seems far too plausible, the amount of people I’ve seen interested in fiddling with their central heating while they’re out of the house, why not lights? Screw it, why not be able to flush the loo while you’re out for good measure? Are we absolutely sure these are lightshades and not waste paper bins or porta-potties?

    That said, would the pink one, but probably not the dead one on the right or the half-a-woman dragging herself across the floor, Ringu style.

    No doubt Ph0renzik already has two.

    (Do they come in wenge?)

  2. An entire new class of stupid has emerged in the last few years, seemingly even less capable than the old.

    It’s coming to something when I’ve somehow become one of the most practical people I know.

  3. Rubbish! If it’s anything like the ones I own, you buy them, get them home and you can’t turn them on again.

    Always a headache or some other malady.

  4. Well, you’ll turn a light on or off. It might be in your house. LG Notifications Centre optimises everyone’s power bills by turning off the light that’s costing most to run, and turning on the one that will cost least. Everybody wins!

    What did they do with that poor woman’s knees, and do they still need them?

    Hang on a minute, look at those bottom bars. Pink and blue. Are these incubators for growing clone children (so that you can harvest their legs for transplants after the terrible incubator-dropping accident)?

  5. Well Mrs Finge has two of these and she assures me they’re breast pumps.

  6. First of all, that’s not proper holding, with the elbows on the table and all, and don’t get me started on the cleavage being covered by the male automaton.

    Not sure whether the female automaton is happy or ready to blow (women, eh, you never know).

  7. They’d make ideal, stylish little fridges, for keeping severed heads chilled.

  8. This is big news, why are you not reporting it!?

    Samsung Electronics has accused the head of rival LG Electronics’ home appliances business of damaging Samsung washing machines at retail stores in Germany and asked Seoul prosecutors to investigate.

    Samsung, in a statement on Sunday, said it asked the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office to investigate LG employees who the company says were seen deliberately destroying several of its premium washing machines on display at two stores earlier this month ahead of the IFA electronics show in Berlin.

    • “That’s a lovely little washing machine you’ve got there, isn’t it? Very flash. Those hinges look a bit flimsy though, be a shame if somebody leant on them, wouldn’t it?”
      Think it’s safe to say, that’s not how I imagined how things would kick off in Korea.

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