Samsung punished for over-enthusing

samsung knox

Level 10 enthusiasm is to be displayed only when announcing new hardware. Mobile security software solutions are restricted to a maximum enthusiasm display of Level 5. Samsung has therefore been found guilty of over-enthusing a tedious item and is banned from displaying any sort of enthusiasm at MWC 2014.

The judge also ruled that Samsung may only use sad-looking men in its promotional imagery for a period of six months starting today.

February 27, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. I think the problem is they took something dull, and gave it a dance budget.
    The rules are: “if it is dull, double the catering budget”

  2. No knees, you tease.

    They are of course boasting about their boyfriends.

  3. The budget wasn’t so great to begin with, the one on the right lacks pupils. Would.

  4. Sloppy discordant brightness settings on the middle left screen. Typical. I don’t know what these women are getting to ready to catch, but I hope it crushes them.

    • You look like a “drooling idiot” because you’re talking to a camera, not to a real person. Very few people can look good on camera without some kind of real human feedback – that’s why there aren’t more George Clooneys. Get someone to actually run the camera who will look at YOU, not the damned viendiwfer, and you’ll find it easier to appear “normal”.

  5. That’s a harsh punishment, but frankly this sort of thing is likely to spiral out of control. It’s a good call.

  6. anonymous (1)

    So, the legal troubles are all behind you now and IT is once again open for business. God, it’s great to be home and see you all back here again. Would it be just a little too emotional to admit that I’d been a bit worried about you all? Well of course it would.

    Decided I need to brush up a bit on all things British to rejoin all the mirth and jocularity here and found this interesting Wiki page all about Woostershire… Wurstersheer… Wuster-whatever sauce. Fascinating stuff.

    • I know it’s not spelled that way, but it’s pronounced Wooster sauce, like Jeeves and Wooster.
      Yes, I know that’s wrong but that’s the way it is. Any complaints and we’ll raise the i in aluminium and the h in herbs.

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