Guess the FUNCTION of the THING


The left one makes the wafers, the right one applies the chocolate. Cut to size (attachment due Q3) for the ultimate in bespoke Kit Kats. But don’t do it on the carpet until you’ve got good at it.

March 19, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. Whilst you were at work, I bought a thousand blue crayons and melted them together to make this lovely picture for the bedroom wall.

  2. You had ONE job. Buy two blue fridges. We’re designing the kitchen around this blue square, remember? Now our love is gone and I’m leaving you in this lushly textured flat while I elope with your dad.

    Story of my life :(

  3. It’s for…leaving on the middle of the floor?

  4. Samsung’s doing promo shoots in hotel rooms now? Well, it would explain the luggage.

  5. I am not sure what they are, but they seem to make your forearms infeasibly long.

  6. That’s the famous new blue solar panel. With a power efficiency of 63% and half the price of a conventional panel its only downside is to melt at room temperature. The white fridges keep the blue panels alive for long enough, but need an assistant to take them out at different times and also lick the blue stains from the carpet if one is exposed for too long.

  7. Solar-powered teleporter. She’s holding the solar panel. I’d be more impressed if they actually put the two modules in two different places though. And if the sun goes behind a cloud while you’re mid-phase, you’re buggered.

  8. Looks like they went to town on the interior decor. Brown Town.

    • Er det der det kommer i fra :) Kult!Sv. Ja, du skulle ha vært her. Det var rene kaoset og sjefen sÃ¥ karrieren passere i revy, det er jeg sikker pÃ¥. Syns nesten litt synd pÃ¥ han, men det var tidenes mest gjo¸temfÃnrne spøk. NÃ¥ har jeg satt et fotavtrykk i firmaets morsomme minner :)

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  9. Tch. Obviously the white things are her legs.
    The blue thing’s what she has to use as a pantyliner now.

  10. I’m hoping the kindle is one of the best gifts :) because I got my mom, sister and brlnier-ht-oaw a kindle fire from amazon and ereader cases from

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