“Self-leveling dual-chamber with integrated charge control…”


“…the very latest Printronic live greyscale adjustment sensors feeding out to a double redundant tray alongside in/out jam warnings with user-selectable notification tones and always-on low alert warnings monitored 24/7 by in-house logistics resulting in 99.8% guaranteed uptime when printing the representative average number of pages per day all backed by our two-year on-site maintenance plan and a 25% reduction in the cost of branded consumables when taking out a five-year warranty for the network-enabled variant delivered to you, Mike, for a low, low price of £129.99 ex-VAT.”

March 11, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. Every so often, a company decides to get away from the “booth babe” image and have actual techies demonstrating the product. They deserve everything they get. Techies don’t want to look at other techies. We can barely bring ourselves to look in the mirror. Women and beer, that’s what gets our attention. And none of that lager, either. Beer with twigs in it.

  2. This was shot just before they were murdered by the green pixels.

  3. It’s run out of pink toner … *again*

  4. I heard that speech word for word in my office the other day….sadly this is not a joke.

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