The Winged Beast of One Million Eyes


No one’s showing off the back of the device, leading us to suspect this elaborate display has been designed to detract our attention from a proprietary operating system. 6/10.

April 22, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. They all appear to be quite proud of the pair they have in their hands, apart from little miss second-to-last.
    Doing a better job at holding the cameras than the one behind her though, there’s as good reason she’s been stuck at the back.

  2. I can count 3 fingers anywhere near the trigger button.

    What a missed opportunity to have an extra arm in there.

  3. Exposed clavicles. The little minxes.

    Presumably “share life as it happens” means it uploads everything to Facebook and signs away all your image rights.

  4. Instruction shouted to #6, “no your head is blocking the logo, tilt it to the left. No your left. There, that’s it.”

    I wonder where the sale on neckerchiefs was?

  5. Cut one, two more appear. But human activists won’t let me cut any. Sad.

  6. The nail polish budget for this shoot was woeful.

  7. Third from back is a standard-issue Korean display Gynoid, she has appeared in several photographs before when other models have called in sick due to semen ingestion. All venues in Korea are required to have Gynoids ready as part of their contract with participants for such an eventuality.

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