Competition time!


Win a chance to sit next to this woman for ten entire minutes! Simply answer this easy question: What is that silver thing on the tree stump and what kind of batteries are inside it?

July 22, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. Thing ate my comment. which was a marvel of erudition and wittiness.

    It’s her backup memory, they can’t fit it all in the frame yet. Doesn’t run on batteries, runs on the souls of the Chinese workers who committed suicide while building it.

  2. Doesn’t look human. Maybe a mannequin? Would.

  3. It’s a battery powered solar battery charger to use while camping. It contains two lantern batteries, wired in series, with a TN-108B switching transistor to charge things like button cells and hearing aid batteries.

    If I get to sit in the chair next to her, she’s not going to continue pointing at me like that, is she?

  4. Holy Christ, that is a knee for the ages.

    And about time, too.

  5. It’s obviously a HomeFeel 3000 ™.

    While sitting outside in the blazing sun/chilly wind/drizzle, finding it impossible to see the screen on your phone, it produces frequencies that fool your brain into thinking you’re at home, where there’s no weather and there’s proper internets and a real toilet.

    Of course they didn’t need to switch it on for the photo, because they took it in a camping shop. Who would go outdoors needlessly?

  6. Ooooh, she’s dirty, but those pouches and that knee cap implant are a real turn off.


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