Gadgets with FACES #238: TDK V513 Wireless Sound Cube


…by Roger Hargreaves.


Probably drawn in the late 1990s by Adam Hargreaves, we imagine, but still part of the same universe.

July 15, 2013 in Gadgets with FACES


  1. Certainly a much better companion cube to incinerate. Would.

  2. Is there a Little Miss Subwoofer?
    I never counted them as being ‘canon’, they were just stories made up for girls.
    Mr Bump, Mr Tickle & Mr Strong were THE men.

  3. Little Miss isn’t allowed in the house. They get burnt outside if anyone gives us one.

  4. I wrote 513 in the picture and it’s actually a 514. The pain.

  5. No, I wrote 514 in the picture and it’s actually a 513. The misery.

  6. A 513? Burn the heretic!

    Would anyway.

  7. I liked their D90. Probably their best value work.

  8. this was a good product i am surely going to try it on my own

  9. this was a great product i will surely buy it and give it a try also

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