Tragic Sandra Blessington returns to competitive product holding

lg g2 hands

Good to see that the terrible air conditioning input fan accident from 2011 isn’t holding her back, plus that additional third hand she’s had fitted ought to really stir things up. Not having a ‘left’ will hinder her versatility, though.

August 8, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. Nobody can look at her for more than a few seconds. So they look at the product instead. Genius!

  2. That’s the holding equivalent of phoning it in.

    And wood. All of them. Fisting scenarios galore.

  3. *cking Zoom!

  4. This is the beginning of the end for holding. The minute we give up on models with their flaws and all, the robots have won. :-(

  5. Splinters.

  6. The finger blasting opportunities are practically endless.

  7. ahem:

    Not telling you how to run things but it’s IFA time, dammit.

  8. Are you dead then, Gary?

  9. this was going to be in my home

  10. the dress was ok, and i will get this dress for myself also.

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