“My colleague there will be happy to tell you how it operates…”


SANDY: “My colleague THERE will be happy to tell you how it operates.”

JESSICA: “No, ASK HER how it operates.”

SANDY: “My colleague, as I said, will tell you how it operates.”

JESSICA: “Please speak to the other lady in white if you would like to know more.”

SANDY: “I’m only trained in hand gestures, my colleague there knows about the pipes and things.”

JESSICA: “There’s a brochure somewhere.”

SANDY: “It’s also all on the interactive micro-site.”

March 19, 2014 in Promotional photography


  1. Not buying one until it can be worn as a watch

  2. They look like they’re robot dancing.

    Did Samsung make them too?

    I’ll have one of each please.

  3. This generation does look more lifelike than the previous model. I would wait until Samsung releases the latest firmware update because I’ve heard that an early adopter was severely injured. Apparently, there was an error in the visual processing cortex when organic “dangly bits” was encountered. Let’s just say that torque was incorrectly calculated and applied.

  4. So the latest generation can run two of ‘em at once? And they’ve done away with the optical control cable? SUBSCRIBE.

  5. Terrible knees, shoes and feet, and don’t get me started on the ladies.

  6. “I’ll take models with fake or useless left legs for a 1000, Alex.”

  7. “Long piping length”… The ladies will be pleased.

  8. They’re going to have to increase the size of those white-clad chassis if they’re going to fit all the bits from that glass fronted cupboard inside. Need to work on the articulation a bit too, I’ve seen less robotic poses from Kraftwerk. Would, would, wouldn’t.

  9. Needs a Jacob’s Ladder inside and some dry ice vapor rolling down off the display stand. Oh… and some Vapors music playing in the background. Did they ever make more than that one song?

  10. Good to see you back, Commander! But is it really you, or the mad hunchback who updated himself A Bit Broken for a while?

  11. VendingMachine

    Heels need to be be 1″ higher. Would, Maybe, Would.

  12. It’s IFA week & she’s going to be there idiot…

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