Sexist HTC makes woman hold heaviest thing

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Hang on, though, is it actually empowering to show they can handle larger objects with ease and are, in fact, equally as capable as men at lifting and holding but just a bit smaller? It’s all so complicated. It was better when the wearing of trousers by female mobile display hoardings was frowned upon, too.

September 11, 2014 in Promotional photography


  1. Well, it’s not going to fall out of her pocket in the soju bar after the show, unlike the blokes’ models.

    The fellow on the right is standing on a box.

  2. Tech analysis: on the right poster we see HTC (unsuccessfully) trying to cram a camera and the internet into their phone, even though the slots for those are always on the bottom. Guy on the right is not so much straining a smile as he is strenuously trying to keep those bubbles in.

    #cram #bottom

  3. HTC are all about equality.

    They’re simply making the woman work twice as hard so she can earn the same as the men.

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