“Well it must be in there somewhere…”


“I suppose your next stop should be to check the drain pipes and see if it washed down into the septic tank. You’re not allowed to sleep until the sock is found.”

January 5, 2015 in Promotional photography


  1. It’ll be in the other machine. Haven’t you seen The Fly?

  2. It stays inside the containment unit or it gets the hose again.

  3. So are we going to be getting any live, on-the-scene updates by the Idiot Toys staff from the CES? Hopefully of something more interesting than laundry equipment.

    And would, if she’d JUST GET INSIDE!

  4. What is she pointing to? Is it a clue that there’s another girl in the other machine?

    Should one of us summon the authorities?

  5. “Oh yes, hilarious.” I growled sarcastically as my buttocks clenched tight.

    The mere utterance of “open bottom drawer” was enough to elicit giggles and a reminder of the time I received a surprise prostate stimulation during sex.

    I didn’t feel right for a couple of days after.

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