Learning Korean the easy way, Part 4


“Wide range of complimentary pornography available for business travelers. Specify required niche at check-in.”

July 17, 2012 in Promotional photography


  1. Do they have risqué pictures of ladies who spell ‘travellers’ the American way?

    • That’s what I originally, instinctively typed, but believed the spellchecker and let it have its way.

      Mind is slowly being rewritten wrong.

  2. “When boarding Hentai Airlines please specify if you want to have a window seat or tentacle rape to choose from our alien catalog”

  3. “With our leight-weight notebook computers, you always have a free hand to enjoy a wank on the go.”

  4. “My boyfriend went to Seoul and all I got was this lousy placard.”

  5. RIGHT. Back up AGAIN using an older backup that’s binned a few of your more recent comments. Maybe now I’ve reminded myself of the login passwords I’ll start updating it again.

    *Five months pass*

  6. Toes! More toes!

  7. There’s a lot of movement into language study lately. You get people using watching Korean videos. Thus there’s interest in ways to learn. These are good times.

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