“RIGHT, it’s going on GUMTREE…”


“…because I don’t see ANYTHING in there that actually requires refridgeration. Apart from the ice cream. I’ll eat all of that now to get rid of it.”

February 22, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. I think cream puffs might get a bit manky after the first few days. But the daft bint has filled the cheese drawer (top right) with eggs and veggies, so she can’t be too bright.

    No knees.

  2. Finally a fridge that can cool my metal.

  3. It’s not for cooling your metal. It’s for cooling YOU. Simply strip and press yourself against the door. Then wipe the door.

  4. Who would put pasta in a fridge? What is WRONG with you? Go and stand in the “I’ve Been A Silly Bitch And I’m Lucky He Still Puts Uo With Me Corner” and think about what you’ve done.

  5. I’m more concerned with the “rude health” granola than with the pasta. At least the pasta doesn’t speak back.

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