Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

Today we’ll be giving you a look at how the online world edits images, using a popular photo manipulation tool known as Photoshop. It’s the secret the celebrities use to help them keep looking young and also how they construct complicated drawings, like pictures of proposed skyscrapers and cars that don’t yet exist.


This is the image we’ll be using as our base for the demonstration. There are one or two unsightly flaws in this picture we would like to eliminate.


In order to do so, open your legitimately purchased copy of Photoshop and activate the “eraser” tool from the floating left menu bar, then wave it around a bit over the parts of the photograph you would like to make disappear.


After some time (10-15 minutes at a moderate waving pace), you should end up with a significantly more pleasing image, suitable to adorn the cover of any stylish glossy magazine.

June 3, 2013 in Promotional photography


  1. You forgot to mention the “rotate camera in 3d” tool, activated by voice. It’s the rage these days.

  2. “Enhance. Enhance…. never mind, done now.”

  3. Tried “erasing” soms more flaws but it seems they’re all #FFFFFF where it counts. Still managed a good wave on that, though.

  4. Also, never walk up to women in real life shouting “Enhance” every two steps as it makes them nervous and eventually they break formation and scatter.

  5. I thought that this approach might work better. But as it turns out, I was wrong.

    Or… was I???

  6. Prison Hardman

    Bloke has a massive hard one, which is re-routing all his blood from brain to cock. Hence the look.

    When did this site go back online? Why didn’t anybody tell me? You EVIL bunch of people!

  7. I think undo, keep the bloke in. The messaging here is this phablet is so awesomely powerful, anything less than a manly man takes two hands to hold it.

    OK, I really just wanted to type phablet. It’s all the rage now.

  8. The bloke looks like the kind of boss that will ask your wife to work late. When she finally gets home, she will smell like she’s been to the gym. Also, those cherries represent the number of work experience girls he has deflowered.

  9. New Leaf coming soon. Can we expect another liveblog?

    • No, but it’s AMAZING. Wish I’d spent more time/money on the public works instead of upgrading my house.


        • YES. But only one session a day, netting around 300k bells a time.

          • I limited myself to no more than once a week now…
            Sometimes, all that bugmoney doesn’t feel right, y’know?

            Also, the game’s STILL refusing to offer the tatami floor up for sale, so not even unlimited wealth would help me further Japanify my living room.

  10. I’ve maxed my house now, so it’s not that necessary. But I do pop over to check mermaid and cabana items most days.

    • Did you get a dream code, by any chance? Would love to see what you’ve done with the mermaids.

      • I’ve not done anything fancy or clever, but feel free to rummage while I sleep: 6000 2255 3199

        Still on the lookout for cherries, if you have any. Nintendo seems to have forgotten to sell any cherries-having copies in the UK.

        • I just got a cherry from a neighbour as thanks for giving her a box of tissues. You’re welcome to come and collect some, but we’ll have to exchange fc’s for that, as dreamtowns don’t let you take anything. I’m missing peaches myself, which is a shame as other fruits look so much less like butt.

          My fc is 2036-6991-4307

          • I have peaches. I’m 3153 4206 8223. Let me know when your cherries have popped and I’ll come over.

          • Added ya, I’ll let you know so you can come over and fondle my cherries.

            David Croft would’ve loved this game.

          • Cherries are ready for plucking, but that ac communicator device thingy of yours never seems to be on. I’ll leave em hanging for when you come by. Bring a peach, would you.

          • Oh god, the most important thing in my life and I’ve left you hanging :(

          • AND my sad emoticon was broken by the word wrap :((

          • Want to schedule a time? Save your poor battery.

        • I went to tons of links before this, what was I thgnniki?

        • Ben Best New Establishment: Fischer Family Farms Pork, supplying the highest quality pork products to many of the Twin Cities fine dining. By far the best bacon and ham I have ever had the good fortune of tasting.

  11. It’s okay, I love how this game so accurately simulates that feeling of loneliness and despair. When I get the masturbation emotion from Dr. Shrunk, my lives will become almost indistinguishable.

    I’m usually playing evenings

    • Are you on the Twitter? You should tweet me when your gates are open, as this is a terrible real-time communication medium. (@garycutlack)

  12. Alas, no twitter, I have very little to tell the world. This may be hard to organize. Maybe you could switch on the ingame communicator when the 3ds friends app signals I’m online. My ds ususally starts flashing for a bit when someone connects theirs to the internet. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to resort to the shameful real-life scheduling of a digital fruit exchange.

    • That doesn’t stop most people *pauses for laughter*.

      I tried a few times last night but you didn’t have your gate open. I’ll try again tonight.

  13. I’ll open up my gates. The angry mob probably won’t hurt you, but keep your finger on the sprint button just in case.

  14. Apparently, as Portia’s since become ill, and she’s subtly hinting it might be herpes.

  15. Gary, if Sahara ever gives you the tatami floor or shoji screen wall, could you store them for me, if you happen not to use them yourself? I’ll pay whatever price you ask. I can also give you my eternal gratitude in return, which might come in handy when I eventually become successful in life. Which I will, as being a mayor in acnl has shown me I am really quite capable at politics and economy.

    • Not had those yet. He gives me junk.

      • A simple and inlntligeet point, well made. Thanks!

      • You know that feeling of anticipation when you’re waiting for someone to show up at your house and how you keep going to see if they’re there yet?And I’ll kill them when they arrive. Sicilian “iktsuarpok”

      • CONGRATULATIONS Becky! I am looking forward to seeing your GKD stamp lines. I have loved what I have seen so far. Your kind words about Gina are so “spot-on”! She is one of the most caring, genuine and sweetest souls in the world! Your partnership with Gina and the StampTV team is going to be a HUGE success. Hugs! Sean

      • This is all secret squirrel code, right?

        If we parse this, “Becky” is in trouble. Her “GKD stamp lines” are code for taking the train. “Love” must refer to trouble. “Gina” is the operative on the ground, “spot on” refers to a meeting location.

        No idea what hugs are.

        So, Becky is bolting on the train and will meet Gina at the secret spot. Good luck with that! It’s that or gibberish to support the link.

  16. When did this place become an animal crossing blog?
    What happened to Teclast and the batteries?
    I’m feeling even more out of the loop than usual.

  17. I think it all started june 7th…

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