Actually, never mind.

December 11, 2015 in Gadgets with FACES


  1. I see a reflected face on the left screaming for help.

    • You’d scream too, if you were preparing to pass scalding water. Or shredded vegetable pulp.

    • I think this would a fab chrimbo pressie for my lovely niece who always crafts and sews and inpeirss her Auntie! And just to say thanks to your lovely blog I never view thrifted t shirts in quite the same way anymore. Thanks xx

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    • 02/04/2011 – 7:27pmSi , contra el Barcelona en casa jugó bien y eso que iba con suplentes (Mou se quejó para variar XD) pero solamente perdieron 1.0 ..para mí son el equipo revelación la verdad.

    • was the fed trying to "stimulate growth" back in 2001 that got us into this mess.rule one for getting out of a hole:stop digging.easy money does not cure the excesses of easy money.

      • Yes cost is a huge issue, but that aside, something light and portable is very much needed to give much needed privacy. Yes food and other services are needed but there is a reason people put up all those tents in refugee ca#mp&s8230;not everyone want to live as if they were at a music festival when they have lost their home

    • Oh Sara! I just love these! You did an wonderful job. I know you must be tired out. Thanks for being such a great friend to Emily, Ryan and James. Hey and also, thanks for capturing these priceless memories with pictures.They will be treasured forever!

  2. Whaddya you mean, small?

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