Entopic Residency

So to cut a long story short, I was in a clean but tired coastal B&B for reasons to do with travel and death, and engineered a few minutes alone in the room when everyone else went down for breakfast.

The main reason I was fussing needlessly over my rucksack so everyone left me behind like a hallucinating mountaineer way above the death zone was to get the room to myself for a poo — the inability to poo in private being the main drawback of today’s en suite bathroom trend — but then something else happened.

“I wonder what sort of batteries are in that remote control?” a small inner voice said, an inner voice that now spends most of its time thinking about when children last had anything to eat and went to the toilet and if there are sausages in the fridge, rather than matters concerning AA and AAA power.

So off popped the suspiciously weak clasp (does everyone do this now? Are flat screen TVs old already?) and into view came these two beauties:



Despite some initial focusing problems the Huawei P9 coped admirably with the pre-dawn artificial light and aggressive carpet pattern, revealing a classic red and black colourway and evocative italicised lettering. The limited time available meant it was not possible to scrutinise the casings for spelling mistakes, but the mind imagined scenarios involving the fire disposal and insertion advice to be grammatically poor, over a hurried breakfast.

Perhaps if we are there again next year I’ll sneak the remote into the bathroom for a more thorough examination, although chances are the cells will have been long replaced by something from the local Asda by the time I next succumb to the demand to go somewhere and do something.

Anyway, that was on Monday. Tuesday, well, that’s a whole other story.

December 14, 2016 in Batteries


  1. Nothing has given me more pride this year than the fact I’m still looking out for Idiot Toys posts despite it’s 16th (17th?) closure for business.

    • I didn’t know if anyone would notice. No one seems to have blogs any more.

    • coquine svp …Rédigé par : hyene_intrépide | le 14 mai 2010 à 15:36 Ouais, bon… Nos sabres respectifs étant, si j’ai bien compris, de la même diousnion…C&rsqem;est parce que Nietzsche a dit que Wagner était « notre plus grand miniaturiste » que vous voyez le monde en minuscules?

  2. Glad you’re back. Do people replace remote control batteries any more, or do they buy TVs too fast?

  3. Classy sexy pictures. Would.

  4. The black bars of incremental thickness is almost misleading by suggesting the batteries are rechargeable. Imaginary points awarded to the ergonomic grooves in the remote, allowing for a better grip.

  5. 10 months between updates is the reason I love RSS feeds

  6. Nice pair of triplays there. However, what I really come here for is advice on car insurance. Nothing doing today?

  7. I still check Idiot Toys every month or so. You never know. Years since I used to read and comment all the time, though.

    Keep up the work, Idiot :)

  8. Cripes! Now cadmium is on the banned list?

    We know mercury earned its place there but innocent cadmium? (which, incidentally is the name of my new band, “Innocent Cadmium”.

  9. Just commenting to say it’s good to know Idiot is either alive and well or has been replaced with rather poor AI.

  10. At the end of the day, wanking is still free.

    Did you check the carpet for mites and pubes, by the way?

    • Janta…..and a very humble request sweety….why u nd d c2w team are always in favor of one another…!!!!!@devil…yeah its true u would want particular type users…coz u don’t hav a habit of listening truth…its amazing to see you with a handful of explanations even after seeing the long list of complaints….KEEP IT UP0.s230;.!!!!!@ak8hay&#823&;.#don’t call them cheaters….just flatter then…..else they’ll ban ur id…..that’s a simple thing they do….!!!!!!

  11. Forgot to check: Did you lick the carpet and leave a complimentary pube?

  12. Still waiting for Tuesday’s “whole other story”

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