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“New rules regarding dinner from now on, ladies…”

“…NOTHING WHERE I CAN SEE THE EYES OR THE BRAIN OF THE MEAT. And always to be accompanied by some form of potato, even if it’s just on a bed of crisps.”

March 5, 2013 in Promotional photography

Guess the FUNCTION of the THING

Looks like the sort of speaker rich people have either side of their television sets. The top one plays her music, the bottom one is for your music, the one in the middle streams a mutually-agreed joint playlist acceptable by both parties in the event people come round.

March 4, 2013 in Promotional photography

Samsung punished for over-enthusing

Level 10 enthusiasm is to be displayed only when announcing new hardware. Mobile security software solutions are restricted to a maximum enthusiasm display of Level 5. Samsung has therefore been found guilty of over-enthusing a tedious item and is banned from displaying any sort of enthusiasm at MWC 2014. The judge also ruled that Samsung […]

February 27, 2013 in Promotional photography

“RIGHT, it’s going on GUMTREE…”

“…because I don’t see ANYTHING in there that actually requires refridgeration. Apart from the ice cream. I’ll eat all of that now to get rid of it.”

February 22, 2013 in Promotional photography

Monday: PIZZA. Tuesday: PIZZA. Wednesday: PIZZA

Thursday I’ll just get a burger or something on my way home.

February 18, 2013 in Promotional photography

Learning Korean the easy way, Part 4

“Wide range of complimentary pornography available for business travelers. Specify required niche at check-in.”

July 17, 2012 in Promotional photography

Nothing funny or interesting about any of this… boring salad ingredients…

…nuts… bottles of fruit juice… peppers… …celery… definitely nothing to laugh about here at all… might as well just delete this photograph and… WAIT A MINUTE! COMPUTER, ENHANCE DOOR 3 SHELF 3! Back in the game.

July 16, 2012 in Promotional photography